Yocan Explore Wax Coil

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About The Yocan Explore Wax Coil  

The Yocan Explore Wax Coil is made from 100% medical-grade ceramic components for better suitability for vaporizing wax concentrate. Ceramic is best used for wax vaporization because ceramic is porous in nature. It’s also inert and holds off heat the longest. This means that your concentrates will not burn off as the heating element itself will regulate the heat to ensure nothing is combusted. Having low and slow heating can enhance the flavors of your extracts since it allows you to enjoy and experience all the facets and benefits your material can offer.  

By going from one heat level to another in a slow and steady manner, you can easily take the Yocan Explore Wax Coil with you and enjoy your sessions from mild and subtle euphoria to lofty and elevated levels of highs.  


  • Medical-Grade Ceramic  
  • Better Airflow  
  • Smoother Hits 

Wake And Bake  

The Yocan Explore Wax Coil uses an all-ceramic baking concentrated coil to provide your extracts with the ideal environment for vaping. This also means that the essences and active components of your materials are faithfully preserved allowing you to savor the unique flavor notes and the distinct aromas native to your chosen strain. The Yocan Explore Wax Coil includes a mouthpiece which provides better airflow, the mouthpiece provides a perfect balance of loose and tight draw for that perfect hit no matter how long or how short you drag your hits.  

The Yocan Explore Wax Coil delivers incredible tasting vapors as well as generate clouds with decent visibility and density which mimics the viscosity of actual smoke. The key is in the construction of the chamber and the amount of airflow which provides the right amount of temperature and air to facilitate the right environment for your concentrates.  

The Yocan Explore Wax Coil is the perfect attachment and replacement piece for your Yocan Explore Vaporizer. Grab yourself one now and explore the benefits of your favorite extracts.  


  • 1 x Yocan Explore Wax Coil and Mouthpiece
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