King Palm® Smoke Clips (24 Packs)

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  • King Palm® Smoke Clips (24 Packs)
  • King Palm® Smoke Clips (24 Packs)
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King Palm® Smoke Clips (24 Packs)

Holding your cigarettes and joints has never been easier. The brass is sturdy and can handle long-term use. The teeth of the clip will comfortably secure the smoke in the proper position. They are carefully laid out to add just the right amount of tension so that your smoke won’t fall off. They’ve also been designed not to add too much pressure on the surface of the smoke, so it won’t crash or damage your rolls and cigarettes.

But, most importantly, every time you use our smoke clips, you will be free to work with your hands. You can drive, paint, swim, or eat without having to constantly hold your smoke between the fingers. Plus, it’s a super handy thing to have if you want to pass your smoke around. There is no need to bend over to reach your friend; the instrument can extend long enough so that you can forward the smoke in seconds. If you prefer to smoke on a day-to-day basis, this is definitely something convenient to have.


  • Elegant and sophisticated design
  • Black and gold color to choose from
  • Extendable surface for a maximum of 1.5 feet
  • Useful design for ashing your smoke without touching it
  • Convenient build for smoking with wet hands

Easy Ashing

Extendable smoke clips allow for super easy ashing of any joint. You never have to worry about burning your fingers, either. You simply attach your joint or cigarette to the end of the smoke clip and hold onto the handle. Feel free to extend the clip as far as you want, reaching all the way to the ashtray if you so choose. With a simple tap of the handle, you can ash your joint without ever even touching it. 

Smoke-Free Smell

Since your fingers stay far away from your joint itself, you can experience a wonderful sesh free of smoky smells on your fingers. Often, the longer you hold onto your joint, the more residue they collect and the more smoke-like they begin to smell. This scent can linger (even through hand washes), so avoiding it entirely can do wonders. King Palm’s extendable clip eliminates the need to touch your joint, thus eliminating the smell on your fingers. How fancy is that?

Great for a Group Sesh

A smoke clip, in general, is great for group smoke sessions. King Palm’s extended smoke clip, however, can totally transform your sesh. This clip can stretch up to a foot and a half, allowing it to reach every person in the group with ease. Perfect for a no-contact group smoke, this smoke clip will have everyone giggling, fingertips free of the smell of dry herbs, tobacco, or whatever you pack in your rolls. 

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